Michael Loop is an artist, currently living in Morgantown, WV.  After receiving his BFA from West Virginia University in 1998 Michael extensively travelled around the United States assisting several artists, to include Albert Paley, Christopher Weed, Paul Knoblauch, Sean Calyer, Shoji Satake, and Jason Lee, honing a multi-faceted understanding of material and process.  After a 12 year sabbatical from academia Michael returned to West Virginia University, under the guidance of a fresh faculty to receive his MFA with a concentration in sculpture in 2013.  The decision to return to academia was a conscious decision to allow an investigation into his personal aesthetic and process.  

As Michael’s work grows in sophistication, his exhibition record accelerates as well. To date, he has shown extensively around the country, including exhibitions in New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, Colorado, and West Virginia.

Currently Michael serves as the Chief Preparator at the Art Museum of WVU and as an adjunct lecturer at West Virginia University teaching Foundation art classes in drawing, 2D and 3D design, along with upper level classes in sculpture and multi-media.